Well we are and we’re not surprised! Davy Knowles has always been popular when and wherever he plays on the Island. No more so than in his home village(he’s trying to say hometown but we know it’s a village!)

Anyhow,most importantly,we had managed to secure SECOND SHOW at Port St Mary Town Hall thanks to Port St Mary Commissioners, all the musicians involved in the original night and several other people in the background. We had no idea he would SELL OUT the SECOND SHOW so quickly.A small reserve list will be taken.A 3rd night is unlikely I am afraid.


Exactly the same format and stage times will apply for the second show.

11991321_10153066979166222_1673922432_oPoster Design ©Martyn Cain

Davy’s reaction to the announcement of a extra show was:
“I’m so excited to play in my hometown again, there is nowhere else like it, and no feeling nicer than having so much support there, I’m totally blown away that we’ve had to add another night”

Davy has been hard at work this summer writing and performing at popular festivals and residencies at famous venues across the States including the Iridium in New York and at the Hideout in Chicago ,his adopted city where he now resides with fiancée Amber Freuh.
He is currently recording his latest work to good old fashioned tape and audiences at the Town Hall will be treated to at least a few of these songs making their debut live or the first time.
Davy also has the much-anticipated Island Bound dvd due out before Xmas and this may well be in the merch at the show. The film follows Davy on a journey to his and his music’s roots rubbing shoulders and jamming with some of his musical heroes such as Peter Frampton,Richard Thompson and Martin Simpson amongst them.
The Town Hall Sessions will feature his trusty backing band of Lindsay and Steve Rowe on keyboards and bass and the formidable John Cleator on drums.
Support for the both evenings will be up and coming singer songwriter Hamish Hamish a.k.a. Hamish Faragher who will play an acoustic solo set of original songs.
Also supporting are good friends Tender Rage consisting of more Rowe’s namely Fraser (bass,vocals) and Callum(guitar) who happens to play a PRS similar to Davy and will be loaning it for the later set.Their slant on classic rock has gained these young pretenders much respect on the local scene.

6pm Doors

7pm Hamish Hamish

7.45pm Tender Rage

9pm DAVY KNOWLES and Friends

Midnight finish.

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