We go a little heavier tonight with not 2 but 3 stellar local bands.

On the Carole Nash Main Stage


Fletcher Christian Mutiny are a 5 piece original,

high octane rock band from the Isle of Man.

Their ranks are made up of Gary ‘Nel’ kneale and

Justine Lewis on guitars. Andrew ‘Geen’ Cregeen

on bass, Stephen Quinn on drums and Keef Lawler

on vocals.

They’ve been on the Manx music scene for 8 years

and are still going strong.

Their most recent ep is available on iTunes, Spotify and bandcamp.






Started in 2016 with the mind to do something heavy and modern, but melodic

and musically challenging. Create something meaningful. Play something challenging.

Deliver something worthwhile. They write somewhere between the brutal and the

beautiful, the dark shades of despair and the rich refrain of possibility.

They have built the songs around stories – each one a narrative of an ideal or observation

made manifest. As such, they are significantly longer and more musically complex than usual,

while still remaining contemporary and relatable. Rarely repeating and constantly shifting,

the music literally becomes the fabric of the audio allegory.

http://aeons.online is the current brief website where visitors can find demo tracks while

they record their first full length album, which will be available soon, and links to their other online presence.




Band Members
Phillip Cleary – Bass
Brian Duffy – Drums
Kriss Lane – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Paul Nicholson – Vocals/Guitar
A no frills covers band specialising in loud, raucous guitar music.
Playing well known classics & a few curveballs thrown in to keep you on your toes.
They nailed the charity gig on Sunday so come down and see what they do best!

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