Real fans!

Abi Baker took her family down to the Welcome Centre early Thursday to get tickets for BOTH nights!An avid fan she was also featured on MMTV with Paul Moulton and confessed she passed a Manx patch to Ricky Wilson of the band which adorned a jacket on tour last year . Not only that she features in the new Kaiser’s video “On the Run” . We will have to ensure he has a few more for his collection….

Thank You!

Thank you to the Villa staff and Management but particularly you supporters.

There were people queuing from as early as 5.30am and I was getting updates all morning.

Huge surge as was expected and 2000 tickets were cleared in the first 2 hours!

Some left for either night but what with Pay Day tomorrow Friday I suspect and hope we have this all wrapped up and can go and concentrate on the next project.Thanks again!