So excited to announce that DAVY KNOWLES is returning to our shores for TWO very special Xmas shows

26 and 27th December 2016.

Before we say anything else, you can ONLY buy tickets from the following link:


It seems the fairest and dare I say after this week, democratic way to offer tickets to his many fans on the Island.

dk-fisheye© Gary Weightman

Very limited capacity so we are asking everyone to be calm and orderly and try the link from

6pm Thursday 10 November as the ticket side is set to come online then.

You can try the link now as it is possible to pre-order both the new album and a very

Limited Edition gig-specific t-shirt!Print

3 Miles from Avalon can be pre-ordered

at the ticket link and of course iTunes.






We will be adding lots of information about the 2 shows as we get closer to the dates but just wanted to let you know

we have been very busy in the background co-ordinating all this. The shows will be produced by well-known pros

Event Lighting Services and Ultimate Productions and recorded.

Davy’s backing band are Lindsay and Steve Rowe on keys and bass along with John Cleator at the drum kit.

Support for both shows will be his friends TENDER RAGE-Fraser and Callum Rowe and John Cleator.

Much much more info in time but wishing you all luck online this evening!

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