The majority of content on this site is courtesy of ubiquitous local photographer  GARY WEIGHTMAN of VANNIN PHOTOS


Gary restarted photography after an almost 30 year hiatus. First interests being cricket and football which kept him busy after he’d stopped playing himself. Sport and music were intertwined

at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2011 when Davy Knowles played at the closing ceremony– not a bad first gig for a wannabe music photographer.

From then his hobby has grown a little out of control but in a good way  with sporting trips to Belgium, Sweden, Italy, France, Corfu, Ireland and all over England, with various Island teams.

He’s covered football, cricket, bowls, hockey, netball, the TT, Manx Grand Prix and much much more.

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Musically, his luck has been to be living on the island. An island full of creative, talented, amazing musicians who don’t seem to mind having him point his camera at them. Live music is such a great subject for him, trying to capture the ‘moment’.

Favourite gig he’s photographed to date was Paul Weller at the Villa – the chance to shoot a lifelong hero. He’s also shot the likes of Jools Holland, Marc Almond, Mel C, The Jacksons(!), The Charlatans, The Christians, John Power, Davy Knowles, Michael Messer and Heaven 17.

His ultimate inspiration is David Godlis who took some iconic photos in and around CGBG’s nightclub in New York during the height of punk in the late 70’s.

Gary shot the new look Bushys Tent last year and has presented us with another spectacular portfolio of his take on the essence of the Bushys experience which isn’t just about the beer and music. We were pleased to present Gary with an Official Bushys Photographer Jacket as a small token of appreciation and 2 Bushys TT2016 stickers (we didn’t want to get carried away).

We hope to create another promo video similar to the intro for this year which has been seen over 1300 times now!


Please check out Gary’s work over at  Vannin Photos and his Flickr Account

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