The excitement from today’s racing doesn’t stop this afternoon

as we bring another full programme of gigs tonight.

Both the tent and beach had spectacular acts on so thanks to

The Adventures of… at the Colas Beach Stage for an

inspirational 2 and a half hours of perhaps reluctant covers ably

interspersed with tracks from their latest album being

particular favourites with a solid crowd at the Bay wall.

Meanwhile clearly the tent went into overdrive with

more classic rock from Symbollix and then what was described as

enormously enigmatic Ed Force One rocking the crowd for a

full 120 minutes.Well done all!



Early Slot 7.30-9.30pm


These young upstarts have played legendary slots at the beach

and will once again at the tent. 2 hours of classic Indie and self penned

originals that sit perfectly in between. Lead singer Joe Crookall finding

time away from slots supporting Cast and Tom Jones to steer the band

through tonight’s set.The perfect start to proceedings.

3 mill band pic

Late Slot 10-11.55pm

bos bushys vannin leap©VANNINPHOTOS

There is only one BUNCHA SKANKERS and their sets are

high-energy,mosh-inducing classic ska.

Little to add other than make sure you are down early to get up close

and personal.Expect Madness,Selector, The Beat and much more more.

Practically non-stop danceathon with some of the Island’s finest musicians.

Meanwhile down South we have PORT ERIN DAY


The Commissioners have been busy prepping the beach and surrounding areas with a plethora of events

from stunt shows, the class Purple Helmets, stacks of fun on the beach and of course great live music


Colas IOM Logo

Revised times

Slot 8.30-10.30pm

All above subject to dovetailing in to surrounding live bike shows.

Welcome return of local musos 995


They played a great show at the tent already and went down very well right up to the

final song.Expect plenty of classics from the likes of  Cream,Lynyrd Skynyrd,The Cult,

Hendrix and Muse.