Well the fortnight has simply raced by and there are so many stories and experiences I think we can all go away with and pretty sure most of them are both printable and positive.

There is an enormous amount of work that goes into each year production wise and not just the additional 24/7 production of Bushys Ale!

I would therefore like to attempt to thank everyone that certainly Triskel feels have contributed to ensuring BUSHYS TT2016 was one of the finest!

The Bar Crew Bushys:

Harry Barbour -Site Manager, Deano, Argie, Spud, Jonathan, Glen, Moppsey, Shim, Amy, Stef, Orry, and the whole Bushy’s team. Obviously Curly, Adey, Connor and Bernie at Bushy’s Brewery for the lovely beers.

The Bar Crew Bay: Matt S , Matt H, Craig, Francesca, Fraser, Sarah, Stuart,Stu and Marcel.In the kitchen: Stephan, Roman, Harry, Ben and Jacob.

Helen and Johnny & Billy Smith and their teams.

Crew Food Crew-Ian and the guys from Dominoes

Non-Bushys Products Crew(out of hours)-Joseph Bucknalls ,WDS, Jack Frost and KC Foods

Structures Crew- Absolute Scaffold, Raven Electricals,Secure Scaffold

The Stage,Lights,PA and MC Crew:

ELS simply lifted the bar to new dizzy heights of production,sound and visual technical specification aswell as provision from VISIONCAST which saw viewers globally enjoy a high definition webcam and sound feed which promises already exciting new formats for 2017

Ricky Rooney,Craig Brown, Colin Cowie’s professional sound engineering, Sean Ridout,  Chris Shaw – Master of Ceremonies and Hi-Jinx, Charlie and James Coates and lest we forget our main man Justin McMullin

The new Tent Crew-Candy and all her team at A3 Marquees.We think the tent looked fantastic this year

The Conveniences Crew-Ian Henderson

The Security Crew-Kenny and John, the Kissack Brothers, Nobby and his team, Sean and his security team

The Photography Man-Gary Weightman

The Sponsorships Lady-Joanna Wilson

The Sponsors Carole Nash, Colas, Shoprite, 3FM and Sure

The Music Crews:

Bird and the Beards-Steph Tomlinson,Nell Kneale,Neil Baggy Bagshaw,Mike Giles

Alex Harris(featuring The Other Side)-Alex,Nell,Steph,Jimmy Lee and John Cleator

Mad Daddy-Dolyn Clucas-Morris,Simon Morris

The Clown Calls For War-Andy Clucas,Brook Wassall,Lee Stevens

Ignite the Sky-Richard Kinrade,Daniel Cross,Adam Elston-Lane,Luke Williams,Leo Craig,Aaron West

Switch-Neil Curph Curphey,Colin Davidson,Mal Atkinson,Jonny Peacock

Sweet Revenge-Roz Greenwood(stupendously positively vibed songstress),Sean Dyer,David Croydon,Andy Greenwood and Stef Harris

Fügue State-Phil Cleary,Brian Duff,Kriss Lane and Paul Nicholson

995-Ian Manton,Gerry Hall,Danny Mills,Maric Thorpe and Matt Todd

In The Blood-Dave Brew,James Craig,Mark Lawrence,Jamie Christian and Andy James

Little Bitta Rosie-Ade Bruce,Brian Skillicorn,Nell,James and Andy

Tender Rage-Callum and Fraser Rowe and JC

Psychoholic(s)-Shelly and Dave Rourke,Ian Hughes,Steve and Lindsay Rowe and Kev Cleator

Big Beaters-Andy J,Jonny P,Martin Rigby,Ben O’Hare,Steve Leach,Noah Egelnick

The Roc Vannin Choir

Symbollix-George Hughes,Stew Steptoe,Martin Lager Pump McElevey, John Ryan and John Ruscoe

Ed Force One-Mike Jelski,Phil Hatton,Dick Raine,Steve L and Kev C

3 Million-Joe Crookall,Matt Woods,Gaz Smith and Chris ‘B.A.’ Honour(s)

Buncha Skankers-Andy Marshy Marshall,Tracey Walker,Chas Watson,Gus Jolly,Keith Corkhill and Mark Cain

The Adventures of…-Adam Harrington,Fred Guevel and Larry

The New Radicles-Nige and Sol Williams,Phil Groves and Marshy

The Shedmen-Barry Williams,Stew and Jimmy Mills and Sean

Penthouse Dive-Mark Riley,Mark Cleator and Mark Brabbs

9 Bar Gypsies-Ade B,Jason Cain,David Atkins,Mark C and Jimmy L

9 Mile Smile-Graham Smith,Lewis Moon,Johnny Wade,Angela Wells and Grant Evans

Fireball-Alan Herbert,Phil Calvert and Ken Gadd

Nick Barlow and the Bad Noise-Nick Barlow,Stu Dunn,James Hannah,Aaron Roberts and Neil Williams

The Royals-Brad Meechan, Scott Colcombe, Ben Rotherham and Joe Watt


The Boss Martin Brunnschweiller for believing in better

and finally………YOU,without whom there isn’t any Bushys TT

See you for a very special 20th Anniversary of Bushys Tent at the Bottleneck!!


The majority of content on this site is courtesy of ubiquitous local photographer  GARY WEIGHTMAN of VANNIN PHOTOS


Gary restarted photography after an almost 30 year hiatus. First interests being cricket and football which kept him busy after he’d stopped playing himself. Sport and music were intertwined

at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2011 when Davy Knowles played at the closing ceremony– not a bad first gig for a wannabe music photographer.

From then his hobby has grown a little out of control but in a good way  with sporting trips to Belgium, Sweden, Italy, France, Corfu, Ireland and all over England, with various Island teams.

He’s covered football, cricket, bowls, hockey, netball, the TT, Manx Grand Prix and much much more.

10373480_10154236427285274_6564767352585071189_n 10390336_10155169610825274_6784117139162350917_n


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Musically, his luck has been to be living on the island. An island full of creative, talented, amazing musicians who don’t seem to mind having him point his camera at them. Live music is such a great subject for him, trying to capture the ‘moment’.

Favourite gig he’s photographed to date was Paul Weller at the Villa – the chance to shoot a lifelong hero. He’s also shot the likes of Jools Holland, Marc Almond, Mel C, The Jacksons(!), The Charlatans, The Christians, John Power, Davy Knowles, Michael Messer and Heaven 17.

His ultimate inspiration is David Godlis who took some iconic photos in and around CGBG’s nightclub in New York during the height of punk in the late 70’s.

Gary shot the new look Bushys Tent last year and has presented us with another spectacular portfolio of his take on the essence of the Bushys experience which isn’t just about the beer and music. We were pleased to present Gary with an Official Bushys Photographer Jacket as a small token of appreciation and 2 Bushys TT2016 stickers (we didn’t want to get carried away).

We hope to create another promo video similar to the intro for this year which has been seen over 1300 times now!


Please check out Gary’s work over at  Vannin Photos and his Flickr Account

ALL photos on this site ©VANNIN PHOTOS,Chris Shaw and Triskel Promotions.


Where on earth has the fortnight gone.It’s gone quick so

we must have been enjoying ourselves!Whilst this is the

final night in the Bushys Tent there will be another night

on the beach at Port Erin(always subject to weather which

up until today has not been a problem whatsoever!)


Early Slot 7.30-9.30pm

fireball band

York’s finest,these guys have trodden the boards of the York rock scene for decades and for good reason.

Dedicated to purveying the finest classic rock.Chief Dog (and cat lover as it happens!) Alan Herbert heads

the band on guitar and vocals.Ken Gadd backs vocals and bass and relatively young pup Phil Calvert very ably

on drums.All the classics from Free to Zeppelin to ZZ Top.Does exactly what it says on the tin.ROCK!

Late Slot and Final Band for Bushys TT 2016  10-11.55pm

Perfect way to end on an absolute high with powerhouse all-round axeman with a fresh new line-up


nbbn vannin1

Heart stopping blues-rock fronted by ubiquitous Nick Barlow ob Guitars,vocals,mouth harp and stomp box. Stu Dunn keeps the keys

and soul of the band intact whilst relative newcomers Aaron Roberts is on the stool,James Hannah ably on electric guitar and Neil Williams

calmly and cooly keeping the rhythm of bass. Some classic Zeppelin but they’re own compositions sit comfortably with the covers.

Perfect storm……

Down at the beach on the COLAS BEACH STAGE

Slot 7.30-10pm

Colas IOM Logo

Royals logo

Debut of sorts for Brad Meechan’s new outfit The Royals who are a four piece

wannabe supergroup hailing from London. With each member performing in

different acts and genres. Expect classic pop and rock covers with a new edge.

The band will also be performing some exciting, previously unheard original material.

An exciting band and exhilarating stage presence.Worth a punt.

Brad Meechan – Vocals and Guitar, Scott Colcombe – Vocals and Keys,

Ben Rotherham – Vocals and Bass, Joe Watt – Vocals and Drums

Some covers,some originals,some just plain sound!Previous incarnation was The Curbs

who also made a great first impression last year.