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Some 8 years in the chasing and we’ve finally persuaded this iconic Scottish phenomenon that is PRIMAL SCREAM to perform at the VILLA MARINA.

Artwork courtesy of and © Martyn Cain

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Formed in 1984 and winners of the first ever Mercury Music Prize for 1991’s ‘Screamadelica’, Primal Scream have influenced a generation of fans over their 20 year career. Fronted by former Jesus & Mary Chain’s Bobby Gillespie with Andrew Innes (guitar), Darrin Mooney (drums), ex-Felt keyboardist Martin Duffy (keyboards) and Stone Roses bass guitarist Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield, they signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Records in 1985 and the rest is history.

Beginning a career that has spanned eighteen hit singles, the band’s 1987 debut LP ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ was influenced by The Byrds, Velvet Underground and the C86 scene. Not only did it publicly introduce the band, but it also set the tone for a musical style that would define the following decade and pave the way for bands like The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays.

Their follow-up album ‘Primal Scream’ witnessed a musical progression for the band, but it was 1991’s Mercury Music Prize winning ‘Screamadelica’ that became their landmark release. A tour de force produced by Andrew Weatherall, Hugo Nicholson and former Stones producer

Jimmy Miller, it changed the face of British pop music with its kaleidoscopic fusion of dance, dub, techno, acid house and rock, putting Primal Scream at the top of their game.

They returned in 1994 with ‘Give Out but Don’t Give Up’ which was recorded in Nashville and featured the hit single ‘Rocks’, but with 1997’s ‘Vanishing Point’ they created a more complex dynamic of the indie allure which characterised their debut release, re-establishing the group as a major force in British rock.

Two Top Ten albums followed – ‘XTRMNTR’ and ‘Evil Heat’ in 2000 and 2002 respectively – boasting a greater electronic feel and new musical direction for the band. In 2003 they released their ‘Dirty Hits’ collection, a retrospective of their career to date.

In 2006 they returned with ‘Riot City Blues’ and the Top Ten track ‘Country Girl’ – the band’s highest-ever charting single. Laid down live on the studio floor at London’s Olympic Studios, it was produced by Youth and features and impressive supporting cast – Will Sergeant from Echo & The Bunnymen, Warren Ellis of Nick cave & The Bad Seeds and Alison Mosshart from The Kills. A triumphant UK tour followed in November 2006, which included two sell-out dates at London’s Brixton Academy.

Bestowed with NME’s Godlike Genius Award in March 2007, Primal Scream continued their most successful era to date by signing with the highly successful independent label B-Unique, home to Kaiser Chiefs, The Automatic, The Twang and The Ordinary Boys.

2008’s ‘Beautiful Future’ was Primal Scream’s ninth studio album and their first for B-Unique. The bulk of the album was produced by Björn Yttling [Peter, Björn and John] and Paul Epworth (Bloc Party) including the incredible first single ‘Can’t Go Back’.

The album featured guest collaborations from Lovefoxx of CSS, Josh Homme from Queens Of the Stone Age and folk legend Linda Thompson. As you would expect from one of Britain’s most exciting and inventive bands ‘Beautiful Future’ displays a heady mix of genre crunching taking in Philly soul, dark electro, accelerated rock ‘n’ roll riffs and pure British pop, all given that particular Scream edge.

Primal Scream’s later album, ‘More Light’, released May 13th on their own First International label through Ignition Records,was the band’s tenth studio album. It was recorded in London and Los Angeles during 2012 and was produced by David Holmes.

The album is another twist in the band’s history, recorded after their recent successful worldwide tour of their hit album ‘Screamadelica’. Like ‘Screamadelica’, ‘More Light’ presents a musical state that lacks boundaries.

Gillespie explains: “The sense of space in the ‘Screamadelica’ gigs and the arrangements in the music had a wee bit of an effect in this. For
the last few years we’ve been playing high energy, two guitar rock ‘n’ roll, and I think doing the ‘Screamadelica’ shows, we were on the way to doing something more spacious and free form, but I think that helped as well just the sense of space, some of this is quite epic sounding.”

NME reports:

The title of Primal Scream’s 11th album might sound like something band leader Bobby Gillespie dreamt up while under the influence, but ‘Chaosmosis’ is actually a highfalutin reference to French psychotherapist Félix Guattari. His 1992 book of the same name argues human subjectivity is shaped by phenomena outside the “faculties of the soul”, specifically language, mass media and technology. Applying that idea to these songs is an almighty stretch, but more pertinent is Gillespie’s own definition of the word as wisdom gleaned from madness – and ‘madness’ is surely how the Primal Scream of yore would’ve dismissed the notion of making a record about sobriety and recovery.

Back in 2013, as the band’s late-career renaissance was getting underway with ‘More Light’, a newly abstinent Gillespie confessed that drink and drugs had “put my life in chaos” and the music had suffered for it. ‘More Light’ turned out to be the Scream’s best, most intrepid work since 2000’s ‘XTRMNTR’, but while ‘Chaosmosis’ is a worthy successor, it’s a very different beast. Where the former opened with the nine-minute jazz-rock apoplexy of ‘2013’, the latter does so on the melon-twisting exuberance of ‘Trippin’ On Your Love’, which borrows the piano riff from Happy Mondays’ ‘Step On’ and features Haim as a kind of six-legged Rowetta surrogate. Not for the first time, you’ll want some of what Bobby’s having.

Then again, maybe not. Instead of projecting its ire outwards, ‘Chaosmosis’ frequently gazes inwards. ‘Where The Light Gets In’, a pulsing electropop duet with Sky Ferreira, might declare that “peace begins within” but it’s also a place where uncomfortable truths present themselves, as they do on the self-excoriating ‘(Feeling Like A) Demon Again’ or ‘Carnival Of Fools’. It’s strange to hear Gillespie’s famously acidic tongue turned upon itself on ‘Private Wars’ (“Thorns grow in your heart/ Poisoned from the start/ Angry still at everyone/ Time to let it go”), while a breathy backing vocal from Rachel Zeffira (best known for Cat’s Eyes, her project with Horrors frontman Faris Badwan) needles away like the better angel of his nature. Over the course of a 35-year career defined by excess, reinvention and the occasional brush with genius, Primal Scream have made all sorts of albums, but not one quite like this.

Whatever you recall of this band they still sound and play as fresh and are

one of the mainstays headlining festivals throughout the world.

Triskel Promotions are very proud to finally secure them and plan to

make this a legendary visit for the band.

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I passed the news on to Davy who is currently on the road to play in Kansas City and he was

genuinely flattered and feels blessed. We are lucky to have a strong music loving fanbase on the Island

not just for Davy but the many talented people that live and play here.

Look forward to seeing you in December!

T-shirts and CDs are still available to order online. Due Xmas approaching T-shirt orders

will stop online end of Mon 19th December.We hope to have the full design up to view shortly.

Thanks again!!




So excited to announce that DAVY KNOWLES is returning to our shores for TWO very special Xmas shows

26 and 27th December 2016.

Before we say anything else, you can ONLY buy tickets from the following link:


It seems the fairest and dare I say after this week, democratic way to offer tickets to his many fans on the Island.

dk-fisheye© Gary Weightman

Very limited capacity so we are asking everyone to be calm and orderly and try the link from

6pm Thursday 10 November as the ticket side is set to come online then.

You can try the link now as it is possible to pre-order both the new album and a very

Limited Edition gig-specific t-shirt!

3 Miles from Avalon cPrintan be pre-ordered

at the ticket link and of course iTunes.
We will be adding lots of information about the 2 shows as we get closer to the dates but just wanted to let you know

we have been very busy in the background co-ordinating all this. The shows will be produced by well-known pros

Event Lighting Services and Ultimate Productions and recorded.

Davy’s backing band are Lindsay and Steve Rowe on keys and bass along with John Cleator at the drum kit.

Support for both shows will be his friends TENDER RAGE-Fraser and Callum Rowe and John Cleator.

Much much more info in time but wishing you all luck online this evening!


Well the fortnight has simply raced by and there are so many stories and experiences I think we can all go away with and pretty sure most of them are both printable and positive.

There is an enormous amount of work that goes into each year production wise and not just the additional 24/7 production of Bushys Ale!

I would therefore like to attempt to thank everyone that certainly Triskel feels have contributed to ensuring BUSHYS TT2016 was one of the finest!

The Bar Crew Bushys:

Harry Barbour -Site Manager, Deano, Argie, Spud, Jonathan, Glen, Moppsey, Shim, Amy, Stef, Orry, and the whole Bushy’s team. Obviously Curly, Adey, Connor and Bernie at Bushy’s Brewery for the lovely beers.

The Bar Crew Bay: Matt S , Matt H, Craig, Francesca, Fraser, Sarah, Stuart,Stu and Marcel.In the kitchen: Stephan, Roman, Harry, Ben and Jacob.

Helen and Johnny & Billy Smith and their teams.

Crew Food Crew-Ian and the guys from Dominoes

Non-Bushys Products Crew(out of hours)-Joseph Bucknalls ,WDS, Jack Frost and KC Foods

Structures Crew- Absolute Scaffold, Raven Electricals,Secure Scaffold

The Stage,Lights,PA and MC Crew:

ELS simply lifted the bar to new dizzy heights of production,sound and visual technical specification aswell as provision from VISIONCAST which saw viewers globally enjoy a high definition webcam and sound feed which promises already exciting new formats for 2017

Ricky Rooney,Craig Brown, Colin Cowie’s professional sound engineering, Sean Ridout,  Chris Shaw – Master of Ceremonies and Hi-Jinx, Charlie and James Coates and lest we forget our main man Justin McMullin

The new Tent Crew-Candy and all her team at A3 Marquees.We think the tent looked fantastic this year

The Conveniences Crew-Ian Henderson

The Security Crew-Kenny and John, the Kissack Brothers, Nobby and his team, Sean and his security team

The Photography Man-Gary Weightman

The Sponsorships Lady-Joanna Wilson

The Sponsors Carole Nash, Colas, Shoprite, 3FM and Sure

The Music Crews:

Bird and the Beards-Steph Tomlinson,Nell Kneale,Neil Baggy Bagshaw,Mike Giles

Alex Harris(featuring The Other Side)-Alex,Nell,Steph,Jimmy Lee and John Cleator

Mad Daddy-Dolyn Clucas-Morris,Simon Morris

The Clown Calls For War-Andy Clucas,Brook Wassall,Lee Stevens

Ignite the Sky-Richard Kinrade,Daniel Cross,Adam Elston-Lane,Luke Williams,Leo Craig,Aaron West

Switch-Neil Curph Curphey,Colin Davidson,Mal Atkinson,Jonny Peacock

Sweet Revenge-Roz Greenwood(stupendously positively vibed songstress),Sean Dyer,David Croydon,Andy Greenwood and Stef Harris

Fügue State-Phil Cleary,Brian Duff,Kriss Lane and Paul Nicholson

995-Ian Manton,Gerry Hall,Danny Mills,Maric Thorpe and Matt Todd

In The Blood-Dave Brew,James Craig,Mark Lawrence,Jamie Christian and Andy James

Little Bitta Rosie-Ade Bruce,Brian Skillicorn,Nell,James and Andy

Tender Rage-Callum and Fraser Rowe and JC

Psychoholic(s)-Shelly and Dave Rourke,Ian Hughes,Steve and Lindsay Rowe and Kev Cleator

Big Beaters-Andy J,Jonny P,Martin Rigby,Ben O’Hare,Steve Leach,Noah Egelnick

The Roc Vannin Choir

Symbollix-George Hughes,Stew Steptoe,Martin Lager Pump McElevey, John Ryan and John Ruscoe

Ed Force One-Mike Jelski,Phil Hatton,Dick Raine,Steve L and Kev C

3 Million-Joe Crookall,Matt Woods,Gaz Smith and Chris ‘B.A.’ Honour(s)

Buncha Skankers-Andy Marshy Marshall,Tracey Walker,Chas Watson,Gus Jolly,Keith Corkhill and Mark Cain

The Adventures of…-Adam Harrington,Fred Guevel and Larry

The New Radicles-Nige and Sol Williams,Phil Groves and Marshy

The Shedmen-Barry Williams,Stew and Jimmy Mills and Sean

Penthouse Dive-Mark Riley,Mark Cleator and Mark Brabbs

9 Bar Gypsies-Ade B,Jason Cain,David Atkins,Mark C and Jimmy L

9 Mile Smile-Graham Smith,Lewis Moon,Johnny Wade,Angela Wells and Grant Evans

Fireball-Alan Herbert,Phil Calvert and Ken Gadd

Nick Barlow and the Bad Noise-Nick Barlow,Stu Dunn,James Hannah,Aaron Roberts and Neil Williams

The Royals-Brad Meechan, Scott Colcombe, Ben Rotherham and Joe Watt


The Boss Martin Brunnschweiller for believing in better

and finally………YOU,without whom there isn’t any Bushys TT

See you for a very special 20th Anniversary of Bushys Tent at the Bottleneck!!

Triskel Promotions Limited

Triskel was formed in August 2002 and remains one of the last Independent promotion companies on the Isle of Man.

Its remit is simple. To provide for the needs of the music loving public with top quality artistes of all genres. It is equally important we offer local support slots to these events in order that our own home-grown talents are showcased and able to reach a larger catchment area and potentially new fans and success.


Triskel is primarily a promotion company based in the South of the Isle of Man.In excess of £ 3/4million has been invested in acts both locally and Internationally performing in venues Island-wide aswell as some more unusual scenarios.

All aspects of promotion are considered whilst we primarily host artistes from the Uk,Europe and beyond,we do insist on support being provided locally to ensure the high standard of local talent has an opportunity not often available  so they may showcase their talents to a wider audience and demographic.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry and we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution that fits your budget too.


We will be putting some bits and bobs from over the years in here! When I find it you will see it! Not just Triskel events.