TT 2012

WELL THAT WAS AN HISTORIC TT and all for the wrong reasons.Not since WWII and the foot and mouth outbreak has a SeniorRace been cancelled. Ironically the year of foot and mouth was TT02 as this was also the year Van Morrison and Fun Lovin’ Criminals played the Villa gardens.It was that same summer I decided to form Triskel!

2012 TT had a noticable increase in motorcycles and visitors

Bushys provided a fantastic line up of entertainment this year. A few out of the ordinary events such as a charity head shave,a wedding actually officiating INSIDE Bushys tent,a whole host of the finest local bands plus a flavour of Norwegian,Swiss and UK music too!

Several events were streamed over the Net but it is hoed to improve the perimeters of that subject to future sponsorship.

Manx Telecom provided the backing for the covered stage outside the tent in Douglas and ABSOLUTE scaffolding stepped in at the 11th hour to ensure the music played on at the Absolute Beach Stage on Port Erin beach!

The line up in full:

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well we made it to 10!!!…..

A big THANK YOU for your support!

Hard to believe it has been 10 years to the day since I incorporated the company as Triskel Promotions Limited. It was on the back of the 2 gigs at the Villa Marina gardens with Van Morrison and Fun Lovin’ Criminals that I decided to enter into the rather treacherous world of music promotion. I think I blew the entire budget I had invested in the first 2 shows but thats rock n’ roll. It has been a lot of fun along the way.Sometimes frustrating but always rewarding and I don’t mean financially. I do it because I am passionate about music and am very lucky I don’t rely on it and therefore it is not a business but an exceedingly expensive hobby!

Thank you to everyone who has ever been to one of my gigs and I hope to see more of you at the next lot of events! Without you it simply doesn’t happen!

Heres to the future vibrant music scene on the Island too!

Lenny   1 August 2012





Sincere apologies for lack of info of late.We had a fairly ok TT in so far as most of the gigs happened outdoors although sadly the same couldn’t be said for the racing which is so frustrating for our visiting fans. We then helped out at the Queenie Festival which was an enormous project thanks in no small part to Tim Croft and Nic Pledger at Island Seafare then another great weekend-long set of events with the Port Erin Beach Festival where the Gods were with us for most of the time! Next up is a little rest and recuperation heading over to Mannifest and then to Sziget festival in Budapest which is a real treat.Then it’s all systems go for the 2 night run of the Kaiser Chiefs 21 and 22 August (the ONLY venue they play twice on the entire World Tour!) Whitey is popping over early with his bike to catch a bit of the atmosphere of the MGP!

Hope to see you there or at the next Triskel event!