The Strypes are a 4-piece beat group from Cavan, Ireland who came together out of a shared love for The Beatles, the Blues, British beat and skiffle music. With an average age of just 15 their incendiary live shows see these hep cats (who look like a young Beatles but rock it like the Rolling Stones) channel the musical spirit of the Who, Bo Diddley and every mod who ever gave a damn.

Live STRYPES are talented young lads who are the talk of the town right now. Their recent live shows in London were sensational. They headlined the Saturday night at this year’s prestigious Euro Ye Ye festival in Spain and are rapidly picking up new fans all over the World including Jeff Bexk, Miles Cane, Paul Weller and Jools Holland who saw them at a festival in Ireland recently .

Versed, tightened, hardened, uniformed and most of all, absolutely ready to conquer what is about to be put before them. Their set is peppered with hopping bass lines and catchy guitar solos. The set also had a great cover of T-Bone Walker’s Stormy Monday Blues.

©Paul Reynolds

Cynics may have gripes about originality, but originality is ranked down the agenda when you have all the ability, confidence and talent these chaps have at such a ridiculous young age. Particularly when there’s already a raw soul and vigourous attitude jumping from every note they play and sing. Listen to The Strypes with absolutely no prior knowledge and you would think they came from another era, throw in the fact they are still at school in 2012 and one of their members is 14 and it makes them even more incredible.

The talent these 4 lads possess is unbelievable and it’s impossible not to get sucked into toe tapping along with debut track “You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” which in its production has more than a hint of old Hamburg-era Beatles/John Lee Hooker/Chuck Berry about it.
Fast forward to the present day and comparisons to current 60’s inspired sensations like Jake Bugg and Eugene McGuinness are easy to make but, The Strypes with their brand of throwback rock n roll manage to sound like Bugg and McGuinness if they completely removed the handbrake.

Peter O’Hanlon © Vanessa Fay

With appearances on major TV shows in Ireland already under their belt and a cool as f%ck video building views online (directed by a film studies student from their hometown) the future’s looking good for The Strypes, but, everyone will be asking the same question… how did these guys get into all this at such an insanely young age? To be frank we dont care what the answer is we’re just glad they did. Real rhythm and blues is alive and well!




Incredibly but not so unsurprising but the band have been voted as THE No.1 band to see right now by NME! High praise indeed and deserving.