Kaiser Chiefs give a bit back!

Kaiser Chiefs to curate unsigned artist album for Emerging Icons series


New-music site Unsigned Band Review has announced that Kaiser Chiefs will curate the first album in its Emerging Icons series, a set of albums containing unsigned artists to be curated by music stars.

The initiative looks to unearth new UK musical talent with each edition featuring 13 tracks from unsigned artists from Unsigned Band Review, each handpicked by an established act.

The first album is set for release via iTunes on April 30.

Ricky Wilson wowing the Villa Marina in '09-pic by LC

A percentage of the sales from each album will go directly to the featured artists with the remaining money being reinvested in the Unsigned Band Review community.

The artists chosen for the first album are: Auction for the Promise Club, Gentleman Starkey, Hot Vamp Club, (Silver) Souvenirs, 3 Hour Week, Robert Bowers, The Woo!worths, Fjokra, Pippa Marias, Young Electrics, Wille and the Bandits, Locomotives and IC1s.

“At a time when there is more music to listen to in more ways than ever before, it is getting increasingly hard for unsigned artists to get heard above the general noise,” said Kat Jackman, founder of Unsigned Band Review and Emerging Icons.

“It is also becoming more and more important to give audiences a filter which highlights good new music and shuts out the bad.

“The Emerging Icons initiative not only gives exciting new musical talent a platform to get heard but also gives audiences a trustworthy new way to find good new music – recommended to them by their existing favourite music artists.”




Courtesy of Music Week.

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