strypes poster jpgPhoto and poster design Vanessa Fay

Click on link top right for a run down of The Strypes and Hoodoo Nation

I can probably put my feelings down in 2 sentences here:

“I have not been so excited booking a band since Brian Wilson.”

“If you never go to another Triskel gig,make this the last one!”

Capacity is only 200 so will be gone same day.

Tickets go on sale Thursday 18 October 9am from

Quine and Cubbon                        832521

Port St Mary Commissioners     832101

Patchwork Cafe/B&B                   836418



Port St Mary Town Hall was the basis for many concerts and community events I staged in the years prior to Triskel going erm dare I say professional! From jumble sales to Oompah nights for the Southern Nomads to full on gigs featuring the cream of the local scene including the mighty GASP and Thunderbird 7 to name but a few! I even played there (perhaps the REAL reason it closed) for my engagement party.All that said it has been a long lonely 9 years closed.All thats changing as 27 October sees the grand re-opening of this magnificent building (great sound and stunning sprung floor too) Back to the Future thanks in no small part to PSM Commissioners tireless work to get it up and running.

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